McNair Farm is truly historical. Dating back to the early 1920’s the property was used as a Poor Farm. It was rural and agricultural and it became a conduit for families in Henderson County. People in the community would make their way to this spot to work the fields, milk the cows, and bale the hay, all to survive.

The smokehouse was constructed and it was the only building that had a lock because of its valuable commodities, which fed the workers. The 1873 Henderson County Jail was moved to the site during this period to be used for the storage of equipment and hay.  Another home stood in the pasture as lodging for the workers.

Later in 1954, the McNair Family purchased the property. They used the property privately and operated a dairy in one of the barns on the farm.

In 1995, Donnie Lewis bought the property, creating a home for his beloved “Macabees”, and producing honey for local friends and buyers. Donnie became a member of the East Texas Beekeeping Association and formed relationships with beekeepers of all ages and experience levels. Through this community the beekeepers share their knowledge and educate others on the importance of bees.

Every May, McNair Farm hosts a country dinner on the grounds under the great Oak trees where guests sit at one long table and enjoy fried chicken and everything your grandmother would prepare.

We hope you can visit us one day for an event, meal or apiary tour.  Our farm is located in Athens, 75 miles Southeast of Dallas.